Monsterra to Cosmos: A Cosmic Adventure To Web3 Gaming Space and Chance To Reap $20,000 Prize

In a groundbreaking move, Monsterra, the gaming giant, has set its sights beyond the stars and landed on Cosmos with its new gaming hub, Aura Network. This shift amplifies Monsterra’s reach and introduces a new era for GameFi enthusiasts on the Cosmos blockchain.

Unleashing a New Frontier

As the gaming industry is swept up in the GameFi revolution, Monsterra takes center stage with its play-to-earn model, offering players a unique and engaging experience. With GameFi’s market cap soaring towards $9,2 billion and projected to reach a staggering $74,2 billion by 2031, Monstrra’s presence on Cosmos ensures gamers can seamlessly immerse themselves in this exciting world.

The move to Cosmos is more than just a relocation; it’s a leap into a vast, uncharted gaming cosmos. Monsterra’s integration with Aura Network brings many opportunities, from showcasing unique Cosmos tech in GameFi, such as cross-chain NFTs transfers, to attracting a fresh wave of gamers to the Cosmos ecosystem. This marks a paradigm shift, expanding Cosmos beyond its DeFi and L1 identity into the thrilling realm of GameFi.

30 Days of Cosmic Thrills

To celebrate this cosmic integration, Monsterra invites gamers and crypto enthusiasts to the “Monsterra to Cosmos” event, a 30-day extravaganza from December 7th to January 6th, 2023. 3 main activities encompassing NFT sales sparkling to a 14-day cosmic party and MSTR Trdaing competition will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for an immersive gaming experience and the chance to win a share of the impressive $20,000 reward pool in AURA & MSTR.

NFT Sales in 3 different phases

Dive into the enchanting world of NFTs with the first sale commencing at 08:00 AM UTC, December 7 to December 11, 2023. Explore the cosmic wonders and secure your unique Monsterra NFTs assets across Cosmos via SeekHype.

  • Phase 1: Basic NFT for beginners
  • Phase 2: Battle NFTs for warriors
  • Phase 3: Soulcores for a powerful Mongens army

14-Day Gaming Fiesta To Reap $18,000 Prize

The Gaming Fiesta is your gateway to the whopping $18,000 Rewards. Embark on the unparalleled Monsterra gaming experience on Cosmos. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a crypto enthusiast, the “Monsterra to Cosmos” event is full of winning chances to nab up.

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Monsterra to Cosmos Gaming Fest spotlights exclusive rewards granted in 5 main activities, run for 14 days from 8:00 AM UTC December 12 to 8:00 AM December 25, 2023.

  • Daily Quest Raffle: Win $5 each — 100 lucky winners!
  • Staking Competition: Stake 2MSTR for a chance to win up to $1000.
  • Top 10 Active Players: $250 each for the most transactional and interactive players.
  • Top 5 Highest Levels: Grab your share of $1000 in total rewards.
  • Top 5 Referrers: $2000 in total for the top 5 referrers.

The action-packed schedule promises a fun-filled gaming experience and a chance to win rewards that will get gamers’ hearts racing. Do not forget to get well-prepared about utilizing the three C98, Leap and Keplr wallets (details attached at the bottom) to make the gaming experience on AuraNetwork more seamless.

Unlock Extra Excitement

During the gaming fiesta duration, all users participating in this celestial gathering on Aura Network chain will unlock exclusive rewards including:

  • Skin Landcore Interchain Oasis to celebrate this Cosmos Launch
  • A random landplot as an extra boost

These gifts are exclusively available this event time on the Aura Network chain ONLY. All Cosmos pioneers of the Monsterra stand a chance to propel their kingdom to new heights and accelerate the journey in the cosmic race against fellow players. Get ready to seize the opportunity for unique rewards!

 The final race in Monsterra Trading Competition

The trading event is the wrap-up for the 30-day thrilling voyage. It’s held from 27 December 2023 to 3rd January 2024 to attract NFTs potential holders as well as generate new reward-winning opportunities for the solid user base on AuraNetwork. The event will also unlock new possibilities and drive transformative growth of Monsterra NFTs purchasing and trading provision within the network.

Completing simple tasks and actively engaging in spreading the news are all required for participants this time. A 7-day staking showdown with a 1% transaction fee will soon reach you all full of excitement.

Maximizing MSTR Utilities Beyond Gaming

Monsterra’s Cosmos ecosystem offers a comprehensive experience, including gameplay, DAO, marketplace, events, bridges, portal games, and a dedicated wallet. The star of the show is MSTR, Monsterra’s primary token, a key to unlocking a world of possibilities within the ecosystem. With only 100 million tokens, MSTR can be acquired through staking rewards, in-game events, or shared revenue from the Monsterra Treasury. Users can also earn MSTR via various mechanisms like staking, trading, or the huge prize pool within in-game events & many more!

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MSTR Purchase Guidelines: All participants can purchase MSTR tokens from the following platforms: PancakeSwap, MEXC, P2B (BNBChain), CherrySwap (OKTC), Pangolin (AVAX) and HaloTrade (AuraNetwork) (TBU). Click on the links provided to access these platforms and acquire your MSTR tokens.

Gear up for the cosmic odyssey of “Monsterra to Cosmos” by arming yourself with the best wallet options on Aura Network. Our users can have various options from the likes of Keplr Wallet, Coin98, or Leap Wallet to ensure you’re well-prepared for the thrilling adventure that awaits. These top-notch wallets will be your trusted companions as you navigate the cosmic realms of Monsterra’s gaming universe. Ready your chosen wallet, and let the interstellar gaming adventure begin!

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a high-performance L1 with built-in modularity, leading the mass adoption of Web3 in emerging markets.

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About Monsterra NFT Game

Monsterra NFT Game by CrescentShine Studio is the #1 P&E multi-chain NFTGame with 450K gamers, offering users an unparalleled and immersive gaming experience. The game has garnered immense popularity and has achieved a record-breaking milestone of 100,000 downloads within just one month of its launch.

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