Atlas Navi’s Drive2Earn 2.0 Offers Big Discounts On Petrol Prices

Atlas Navi’s Drive2Earn 2.0 Offers Big Discounts On Petrol Prices

Atlas Navi, a trailblazer in AI-powered navigation, has unveiled Drive2Earn 2.0 — enhancing rewards for drivers as it sets its sights on overtaking Tesla as a market leader in capturing and analyzing vast quantities of data from dashcams.

The app, which has now been downloaded more than 700,000 times worldwide, incentivizes drivers to capture footage by paying out NAVI tokens. The footage is analyzed locally, on the smartphone or on the dedicated Atlas Miner device (soon to be available worldwide for purchase) with proprietary computer vision A.I. algorithms.

The introduction of a new NAVI hardware device called “Atlas Miner” comes with several major changes to NAVI’s Drive2Earn model. Once connected to any dashcam, the device records and analyzes video of the road ahead, detecting things that influence traffic: number of cars on each lane and their speeds, road construction areas, available parking spaces, police vehicles, road closures, potholes and more. Optionally, as decided by the driver, it stores the videos in the cloud to help better train the A.I. algorithms. 

At present, participating drivers can get a discount of up to 25% on the cost of fuel. But the arrival of Drive2Earn 2.0 gives loyal users the chance to save even more — all while helping others avoid traffic hotspots and stay safe on the roads.

Newly unveiled and rare Boost NFTs will allow owners to receive 50% more rewards than before, taking 37.5% off the price of petrol at the pump. Meanwhile, incentives for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users are being doubled — pushing their maximum discount on gas fees to an impressive 75%.

A new partnership with OMV / Petrom — the largest chain of fuel stations in Romania with 560 locations — also means drivers can exchange NAVI tokens for fuel vouchers that give money off when filling up their cars. An additional 10% on the amount they refuel is on offer. Altogether, this could slash 85% from the cost of a tank.

George Grama, Atlas Navi’s founder and CEO, said: “Over 150,000 drivers use our app every day — and we’re determined to put money back in their pockets. Countries worldwide have seen the cost of living surge in recent years — but by downloading Atlas Navi, they can put petrol prices in reverse.”

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Over 150 million miles have been driven using Atlas Navi so far — with an impressive average in-app time of 46 minutes a day.

Leading the way

A number of major car manufacturers gather driving data — but often, drivers don’t get to benefit from its insights… and they’re not rewarded. While BMW and Mercedes do use cameras to detect potential crashes, this information isn’t uploaded to servers in order to train AI-powered autonomous driving models — and their drivers receive no reward for generating that data.

NAVI’s user base means it is now the second-largest collector of autonomous driving AI data behind Tesla — and with the arrival of Drive2Earn 2.0, it has the potential to become the biggest by next year. This is down to the fact that the Atlas Navi app, and its new hardware device, which is less than half the size of a smartphone, can be used in any vehicle, as an aftermarket add-on. Several top car brands have already expressed an interest in gaining access to Atlas Navi’s anonymized data.

Dashcams are part of a rapidly growing market. Figures suggest more than 22.5 million devices were in operation as of 2022 — and that’s forecast to rise to 78.4 million by 2032. They can allow drivers to receive substantial discounts on their insurance premiums, collect evidence in the event of an accident, and are increasingly being fitted within vehicles as standard.

Real use cases

For end users, Atlas Navi’s A.I. navigation app is about much more than saving them money — but about saving them precious time when traveling long distances or in congested cities.

Deploying artificial intelligence unlocks cutting-edge routing — and Atlas Navi analyzes roads 25 times per second. As a result, it generates 100 times more data per mile than other major navigation apps which rely on manual reporting of traffic issues from their drivers, instantly steering users away from problematic areas.

There’s also a plethora of safety benefits on offer. Through Atlas Navi, drivers will be able to safely livestream their trip — allowing family and friends to keep track of their progress. Large groups heading to the same destination in multiple vehicles will also have the ability to monitor each other’s location, tackling a common pain point.

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Atlas Navi saves its users money in other ways, too. Drivers can improve their driving styles through a Driving Score, unlocking the potential to secure insurance at more competitive rates if the driving behaviour is deemed safe. 

Meanwhile, the app delivers reminders whenever a policy is due for renewal — as well as alerts when it’s time for an inspection, or road tax has expired. This reduces the hassle associated with maintaining a vehicle, all while protecting the value of the car.

Drivers can also have a little fun. Every vehicle linked to Atlas Navi is represented in the form of a non-fungible token, complete with a beautiful 3D illustration.

George Grama, Atlas Navi’s CEO, added: “Atlas Navi has been on an incredible journey since we first started building our ground-breaking A.I. infrastructure back in 2020. Receiving $1.6 million in funding from the European Union through an AI innovation grant was also a significant milestone for us. Looking ahead, we’re determined to integrate our technology directly into vehicle production lines for consumer markets — allowing even more drivers to use our transformative product for themselves.”

With Drive2Earn 2.0, Atlas Navi is taking the world’s driving economy up a gear — and unlocking a powerful use case for artificial intelligence that’ll benefit everyone.

About Atlas Navi

Atlas Navi is a navigation app that rewards drivers through NAVI tokens in exchange for their driving data, captured through dashcam footage and analyzed with the company’s A.I. computer vision algorithms. This data is used to scan the road ahead, detect accidents and reroute users on to faster routes through AI analysis in real time.

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