ERC-223 Is Revolutionising Defi and the First ERC-223 Icos Are Already Here

ERC-223 is a new token standard on Ethereum just like the well-known ERC-20.

After thorough debating ERC-223 got finalised in August 2023 which means it is considered production-ready now.

The biggest fear of most cryptocurrency users is losing their assets which may occur as a result of a simple mistake. Over $100,000,000 worth of ERC-20 tokens were lost because of transfers to wrong addresses.

ERC-223 standard prevents transfers to wrong addresses which brings security in DeFi to the next level.

Dex223 ICO

Dex223 is a next generation DeFi platform that will support both ERC-20 and the new ERC-223 standards of tokens. ERC-223 also allows the exchange team to implement on-chain margin trading feature in the exchange.

The exchange team is committed to creating the most flexible DeFi platform in the industry, which will focus on supporting various token standards and all possible chains that can run smart-contracts, such as Ethereum, BSC, Tron, EOS EVM, Zeta Chain, BASE and many more.

Dex223 will also implement an auto-listing smart-contract that would allow token creators to get their tokens supported by the DEX UI without interacting with the exchange team. The era of memecoins getting a free listing on a fully functional exchange with margin trading begins.

Discounted pre-sale of Dex223 tokens will run till 10 Jan 2024.

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