Coincall Exchange Unveils a Revolutionary Promotional Token Airdrop Early Access

Prepare for a seismic shift in the market as Coincall launches its dynamic promotional campaign, the Coincall Fireworks.

This initiative, set to kick off on Nov. 20th, strategically aims to elevate market awareness and engagement while making crypto derivatives trading accessible to a broader audience. Coincall is the world’s first exchange with no spread in crypto options trading.

Participate to receive a complimentary Ethereum (ETH) options position and seize the initial batch of Coincall credits. Coincall Credit can be exchanged for Coincall token in the future, and The more credits you have, the more Coincall token airdrop you will receive.

Event 1: Invite Friends and Claim ETH Positions

In this thrilling event, invite friends to complete specific tasks, and you’ll earn a complimentary one ETH position for each successful referral. The more friends you invite, the greater your rewards.

Event 2: Deposit and Trade for Additional Coincall Credits

Coincall Credits, exchangeable for Coincall tokens in the future, are up for grabs during this event. The more credits you accumulate, the more Coincall tokens you’ll receive, with a special 5x acceleration privilege during the event! Read more about how to earn Coincall Credits here.

Coincall, a premier crypto options and futures exchange, leads the way in making derivatives trading accessible to both novices and professionals. The platform boasts cutting-edge technology, a user-friendly UI, Robinhood style, lightning-fast execution, and top-tier security features (Coincall leverages Cobo’s wallet-as-a-wervice for best-in-class security).

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Coincall aims to bridge a critical gap in the market, offering easy access to the rapidly growing cryptocurrency derivatives market, including Bitcoin options trading and Ethereum pptions trading with no spread, being the only and first crypto exchange to offer this.

Join Project Fireworks today and explore their cutting-edge platform, enjoying exclusive benefits only available to Fireworks adopters. Sign up with the exclusive BeInCrypto link for an extraordinary bonus!

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