Banksters Minting Scrolls on Magic Eden 

Banksters Minting Scrolls on Magic Eden 

Banksters is an EduTech simulator with NFT capabilities, and it looks to offer an immersive experience that gamifies common elements of our everyday lives. They announced an incredible Airdrop Contest with a prize pool of 1,000 NFTs, equivalent to 100,000 USDT, up for grabs. From 17th April you can buy Banksters minting scrolls on Magic Eden. 

This contest has been open to all participants since the 3rd of April. The top 1,000 Banksters on the game leaderboard will have the opportunity to win a variety of NFTs in different rarities and traits.

To participate and increase players chances of winning, here are the Airdrop Contest rules:

  • Use a valid email in the game: Ensure that you use a valid email when playing; otherwise, players risk losing the prize.
  • Data Reset: All information, progress, activity points, NFTs, and tokens earned during the Open Beta will be reset at the end of the Open Beta.
  • NFT Vesting: NFTs will be vested to the winners for 60 days after the official launch of the game following the NFT Sale.
  • Complete the quests on our Zealy and join other contests. Completing optional quests may increase your chances of obtaining higher class rarities or receive a guaranteed Airdrop.

“To succeed in the Airdrop Contest, a multifaceted strategy is essential: actively engage in Invest Runs, level up avatars, utilize the Banksters Academy for NFT minting (including the upcoming Minting Scroll on Magic Eden) stay involved in the community, and leverage your Banksters Unique abilities and skills for victory. Banksters is more than a game; it’s an educational journey into the world of cryptocurrency.

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The Airdrop Contest and NFT Sale, along with the Minting Scroll on Magic Eden, present unique opportunities for players to acquire new skills and empower their characters.” – Alexandru Carbunariu, CEO & CMO at Banksters.

Banksters reserves the right to disqualify players for the following reasons:

  • Foul play, including using multiple accounts (each account, IP, user, and activity will be monitored).
  • Non-professional or immoral behavior, such as strong language, insults, threats, etc.

About Banksters

Banksters is an EduTech simulator with NFT capability, and it looks to offer an immersive experience that gamifies common elements of our everyday lives. Banksters expands on this niche genre by successfully ‘gamifying’ trading, making it more digestible to different audiences and traditional gamers.

Disclaimer: Banksters have the right to eliminate/disqualify anyone suspected of fraudulent activity. NFTs from the prizes will be provided according to the vesting schedule. The Banksters Team has the right to stop/ change/withhold/eliminate/delay any rewards at its discretion.

Rules of the contest and awards allocation can be modified without any consent or prior notifications to the users/players. Tokens/NFTs that are mined/earned/won/used in Open Beta Period are not real, and will not be provided or awarded in any way. Banksters does not hold any legal responsibility for all information mentioned above or mentioned in the future as well as any outcome / events concluded from it.

For more information and updates, please visit and follow us on Telegram, Discord, Instagram, X, and TikTok.

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