New Crypto Listings Recently | Price 2024-01-11

whatsup and welcome to today's update of freshly minted tokens. The tokens listed are displaying their price/marketcap as of 2024-01-11

Searching for "how to buy" or looking for more information on Twitter/X or Reddit? Don't begin your due dilligence until you read our review on whether this coin is a scam or legit.

11 Grok Coin's logoGrok Coin (GROKCOIN) $0.0...0169 1.39% 82.28 % -- $117,242
2.53BTC -- Today

12 ELON DRAGON's logoELON DRAGON (ELONDRAGON) $0.00000000055 43.39% 44.98 % -- $210,487
4.55BTC -- Today

13 DeChat's logoDeChat (CHAT) -- -- -- -- -- 1,688,181 CHAT Today

14 Dcomm's logoDcomm (DCM) -- -- -- -- -- 371,800,000 DCM Today

15 Convergence's logoConvergence (CVG) -- -- -- -- -- -- Today

16 CodeX's logoCodeX (CDX) -- -- -- -- -- 15,000,000 CDX Today

17 BURRRD's logoBURRRD (BURRRD) -- -- -- -- -- -- Today

18 BonkBest 's logoBonkBest (BONKBEST) -- -- -- -- -- -- Today

19 Artificial Intelligent OR's logoArtificial Intelligent OR (AIOR) -- -- -- -- -- -- Today

20 yotoshi's logoyotoshi (YOTO) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

21 TomorrowLend's logoTomorrowLend (TMT) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

22 STARUS COIN's logoSTARUS COIN (STUC ) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

23 SoulSociety's logoSoulSociety (HON) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

24 SnekCoin 's logoSnekCoin (HISS) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

25 Pyrin's logoPyrin (PYI) -- -- -- -- -- 64,500,000 PYI 1 Day Ago

26 Nitroken's logoNitroken (NITO) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

27 MEME MINT's logoMEME MINT (MEMEMINT) $0.00836 1.28% 1.21 % -- $224,606
4.86BTC -- 1 Day Ago

28 GROK Heroes's logoGROK Heroes (GROKHEROES) $0.0000002544 7.96% 72.38 % -- $29,360
0.6347BTC -- 1 Day Ago

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29 FOOL BULL's logoFOOL BULL (FOOLBULL) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

30 ELON 2024's logoELON 2024 (ELON2024) -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 Day Ago

Where to buy?

When investigating a newly listed crypto token, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, you should look over the project's social media outlets. This includes platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord, as these outlets are often where crypto projects share updates and engage with their community. Examine the nature of the posts and comments: are they informative and professional, or do they seem overly promotional and hype-driven? A strong, active, and engaged community can be a positive sign, but be wary of communities that seem focused only on Where to Buy speculation.

The market capitalization (market cap) of the token is another critical factor to consider. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the total supply of tokens by the current Price of each token. It provides an estimate of the total value of a cryptocurrency and is a useful tool for comparing the relative size of different cryptocurrencies. However, it's essential to remember that a high market cap doesn't necessarily mean a token is a safe investment - it merely reflects its current popularity and Where to Buy.

When assessing a new token, it can also be helpful to look at similar tokens that have been successful in the past. For instance, if the new token is a DeFi project, you might look at the trajectories of other successful DeFi tokens like Uniswap or Chainlink. Additionally, pay close attention to the team behind the project. A team with proven experience and success in blockchain and related fields is more likely to deliver a successful project. Check their LinkedIn profiles, previous projects, and reputations within the crypto community. A transparent and credible team can significantly mitigate the risks associated with investing in a new crypto token.

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In addition to the above, consider the following advice:

Whitepaper Analysis: The whitepaper is the backbone of any crypto project. It should detail the project's purpose, technology, development roadmap, and more. A poorly written or vague whitepaper might be a red flag.

Tokenomics: Understand the token's supply model, including total supply, circulation supply, emission rate, and any token burning mechanisms. The scarcity of a token can significantly impact its Today's Viral Level= DarkViolet over time.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Partnerships with well-established companies or other successful crypto projects can add credibility and provide the token with more utility.

Legal Compliance: Ensure the token complies with relevant legal regulations. Non-compliance could lead to serious issues, including potential delisting from exchanges.

Technology and Security Audit: Check if the project's smart contracts have been audited by a reputable firm. An audit reduces the risk of bugs or vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Avoid FOMO: Resist the urge to invest based on hype alone. Always do your due diligence before investing in a new token.

Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies involves risk, and it's possible to lose your entire investment. Always do thorough research and consider seeking advice from financial professionals before making investment decisions.