The Perfect Crypto Press Release

In 2024, cryptocurrency is no longer just for the technologically advanced. New money is flocking into this space in the form of the casual reader and that demographic is desperately searching for the next big thing. And while a lot of the "big guys" in the crypto news space may claim big numbers in terms of readers -- be careful not to blow your budget on highly-technical, dry viewership. Yawn.

Who will see your press release?

Ensure that you are submitting your crypto press release to the right readership. The perfect press release is submitted to the right demographic.

Do they allow new crypto projects?

While it's important to vet projects, the perfect press release is available to all crypto projects, tokens and coins. Find a service that will take the time to review and permit your new project or listing!

Affordability - Maximum ROI

The "big guys" in crypto news love to charge well over $1,000 with many reaching as high as 10k! Just don't ask them how many sales are made in correlation to their press releases...

Comparing The Crypto PR Landscape

2. Big Crypto News Sites
3. Distribution "Services"

Affordable. Not well over $1,000 Dollars

No bots or "non-buyers" Actual targeted demographic for crypto

(Warm leads that have expressed interest in the next "100x")

20% Discount through C.P.R. (that's us!)

Seen by thousands of readers

Allows new projects to submit PR?





It's Time To Go Viral!

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