UXLINK’s Profit Rises Sharply in Web3 Social Infrastructure

UXLINK’s Profit Rises Sharply in Web3 Social Infrastructure

UXLINK, a Web3 social platform and infrastructure provider, has reported a significant increase in profits, driven by its innovative business model and expanding ecosystem.

For Users

UXLINK offers a platform where users can socially discover, participate in, and trade crypto assets through group interactions. This approach enhances user engagement and community building.

For Developers

As an infrastructure provider, UXLINK equips developers with tools such as UXDiscover, UXGroup, various Dapps, and RWS social protocols. These tools enable developers to utilize social relationships and data for project growth and development. Developers can also introduce various trading scenarios and products like Airdrop, Pre-market, and MEMECOIN, with UXLINK earning a share of the commissions.

Revenue Model

UXLINK’s revenue model involves charging developers in Tokens for accessing its apps, protocols, and data. A significant portion, 85-90%, of these earnings is redistributed to community users, while UXLINK retains 10-15% for infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, UXLINK shares in the trading commissions from third-party Dapps. For users, most functionalities are free, with only transactions incurring a commission of about 1-3%.

Business Model and Growth

Since its establishment, UXLINK has maintained a clear business model and began generating revenue in 2023. Starting in March 2024, UXLINK has focused on building a robust social ecosystem to further benefit its community and developers. With an increasing number of paying developers and transactions, UXLINK’s monthly revenue, measured in Tokens, now covers its project expenses.

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This has created a virtuous development cycle, enhancing the value and utility of the UXLINK Token. Both users and developers require UXLINK Tokens to access various services, fostering a deflationary economic model due to the limited supply of Tokens.

The head of the UXLINK community highlighted that this growth flywheel effect has empowered the UXLINK Token, ensuring practical use scenarios and promoting a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.

UXLINK is the largest web3 social platform and infrastructure for users and developers to discover, distribute, and trade crypto assets in unique socialized and group-based manners.

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