StakeStone’s Omnichain Carnival: BNB Eco Wave starts with BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance

StakeStone’s Omnichain Carnival: BNB Eco Wave starts with BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance

StakeStone has joined the latest iteration of the Airdrop Alliance Program initiative by BNB Chain.

The Airdrop Alliance Program is a collaborative effort between BNB Chain and selected projects to conduct airdrops for retroactive users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and its parallel chain, opBNB. As part of this program, StakeStone will offer rewards of up to 1,000,000 tokens to BNB Eco Wave participants and dedicated users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and opBNB.

Retroactive Reward Allocation for BNB Chain Users

StakeStone will allocate 50,000 STONE tokens to users who meet Level 1 requirements and 100,000 STONE Points to users who meet Level 2 requirements. After the joint event concludes, these rewards will be evenly distributed among all eligible participants.

Find out more about the Airdrop Eligibility Criteria here.

Participate in the BNB Eco Wave to Earn Rewards

From May 14 to June 20, 2024, 23:59:59 UTC, Level 3 offers an extended period of engagement and reward opportunities. During this time, users can participate in the BNB Eco Wave through activities such as providing STONE and ETH liquidity on PancakeSwap. Participants will earn STONE-BNB points based on their contributions.

The rewards are distributed according to the amount of STONE-BNB points earned. Therefore, to maximize your rewards, it is recommended that users use a larger amount of liquidity, as this will help you accumulate more STONE-BNB points and consequently receive better rewards.

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Steps to Participate

Step 1: Visit StakeStone’s Campaign Page directly or scroll down the BNB Chain Campaign Page to find StakeStone’s Campaign Page.

Step 2: Click on “Tasks” to visit StakeStone’s carnival page, or directly visit the StakeStone Omnichain Carnival Page.

Step 3: Connect your wallet and enter an invite code.
*For those who don’t have an invite code or don’t have a specific preference, you may use this code: STONE

Step 4: Get STONE on ETH Mainnet and bridge STONE to the BNB Chain.

Click “Stake”, or directly visit Stake ETH to get STONE.

Enter the amount of ETH, and click “Deposit”, then you can receive STONE on ETH mainnet afterwards. 

The next step is bridge STONE to the BNB Chain. Click “Bridge”, or directly visit StakeStone’s Bridge.

After you get STONE on ETH Mainnet, select the “STONE” tab, and click on “BNB Chain” as the target network. Enter the amount and click “Send”. You will receive STONE on BNB Chain after a few minutes. 

Step 6: Engage with the tasks listed in BNB Eco Wave.

Accumulate STONE-BNB Points to Score More Rewards

Completing tasks and using STONE on the BNB Chain will earn users STONE-BNB Points. These points are calculated based on the amount of STONE staked and the duration of staking. To maximize returns, users can consider using a larger amount of liquidity, as it helps to offset gas fees. 

The formula for the STONE-BNB Points is: Amount of STONE × Hours × 1 STONE per STONE per hour × Multiplier.

Level 1 and 2 users share a fixed amount of rewards equally, while other rewards for BNB Chain Airdrop Alliance and potential rewards will be shared based on the amount of STONE-BNB Points acquired by users.

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Participate in the BNB Eco Wave with StakeStone Now!

Embark on a groundbreaking crypto journey with StakeStone! By uniting with BNB Chain, StakeStone offers you the chance to maximize your crypto rewards while joining a dynamic community that’s shaping the future of DeFi. Visit the BNB Eco Wave campaign page periodically for exciting new tasks and opportunities to enhance your crypto experience!

About StakeStone

StakeStone is a leading liquidity infrastructure protocol that focuses on staking assets beyond the traditional consensus layer, producing yield-bearing assets, and enhancing liquidity distribution across multiple chains and protocols. With its innovative architecture and commitment to transparency and optimized yields, StakeStone is dedicated to advancing the DeFi space by supporting the minting of assets like yield-bearing ETH and STONE ETH and establishing new standards for liquid assets.

StakeStone’s relentless pursuit of transparency and maximized yields drive the evolution of liquid assets, cultivating a dynamic, ever-growing omnichain liquidity distribution network.

For more information on StakeStone, visit our website and follow our channels: Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

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