Solvation Memecoin Presale Launches on Solana: Over 20% of the Presale Is Already Sold

Solvation Memecoin Presale Launches on Solana: Over 20% of the Presale Is Already Sold

A fresh Solana memecoin called Solvation has been introduced through a presale scheduled for April 4th, 2024, providing early investors and contributors the chance to join the memecoin community.

The surge in memecoins shows how people are looking for a fun way to navigate the crypto market’s highs and lows. Solvation wants to take this idea even further by putting its community first and aiming to take high positions in the crypto sphere.

The project is offering more than half of its total supply to the presale, coupled with the ability to trade shortly after the presale on a decentralized exchange.

How to Participate in Solvation Presale

The Solvation presale offers an opportunity to get your hands on the token aiming to shake up the memecoin scene. To take part in the SOLV presale round, make sure you have your wallet ready, preferably a Solana-compatible one like Phantom.

Furthermore, those interested in participating should have their SOL or USDT available so they can swap them for SOLV tokens on their website.

Getting in early for the presale may give traders an advantage over other investors and community members. The presale starts on Friday, the 4th, at 22:00 UTC, and closes on Saturday, the 27th, at 22:00 UTC. That leaves about twenty days to join the presale, and trading on a DEX will become available shortly after.

The Approach to Solvation Presale 

Solvation stands out from other token launches by setting aside a large chunk of its token supply for the presale. Even though it has a total supply of 333,333,333,333 SOLV, the team is dedicating a whopping 60% to the presale rounds. This means that everyone gets a fair shot at getting in early as an investor and reaping the most benefits.

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Solvation mainly puts its energy into growing naturally and ensuring the success of its presale. Only a small portion, roughly 20%, of the token supply is set aside for marketing and listings. Plus, it finds inspiration from popular memecoin projects like Dogwifhat, Bonk, and SMOG to foster a community-driven approach to growth.

Overview of the Memecoin Market

The launch of the Solvation presale arrives during a period of significant expansion in the memecoin market, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. This sector has seen remarkable growth, with its market value surpassing $60 billion.

Meanwhile, the Solana network has stolen the spotlight in the crypto world, renowned for its low transaction fees, vast user base of over 30 million, and lightning-fast speeds. It’s this exceptional performance of the Solana blockchain that fuels the rise of memecoins like Solvation.

Solvation Roadmap

The roadmap for the SOLV token is quite straightforward, according to the team behind the memecoin.

The initial goal is to launch SOLV on Solana, opening up the token presale to over 30 million users on the network. Following that, the developers aim to burn the liquidity provider (LP) tokens right after listing on the DEX.

LP tokens act as a reward system to track individual contributions to the overall liquidity pool. By introducing LP tokens to Solvation, the developers can track the liquidity provider’s portion of transaction fees earned and the amount of liquidity returned to providers.

Solvation plans to burn its LP tokens to increase the rarity and value of the memecoin. Additionally, the team aims to reward token holders and active contributors, including those who participated in the presale, through airdrops. The more you contribute, whether by engaging with the social channels or participating in the presale, the larger your reward allocation will be.

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Solvation developers are confident that the token will become a “meme father” and encourage those interested in the project to hold the token for a long time for more gains. 

About Solvation

In the midst of the serious crypto scene, Solvation pops up as a meme, injecting a fun and lively vibe. Built on the Solana blockchain, the project aims to foster a spirited and playful community.

At its core, the project aims to offer a one-of-a-kind crypto adventure, welcoming everyone to join in on the fun and excitement of the crypto world. Solvation is dedicated to keeping the lively spirit of crypto memes alive by building a platform driven by the community.

However, Solvation harbors ambitious aspirations. It proudly declares itself as “the ultimate meme aiming to conquer all other memes by seeking salvation, or rather Solvation.” This playful declaration underscores its mission to ascend to the summit of the memecoin realm.

Most memecoins in the Solana and other crypto ecosystems are usually dog, cat, or frog-themed. However, SOLV brings a different aura, using the blinking meme guy as its logo.

If interested, users can join the Solvation community on X (Twitter) and Telegram to receive important updates and news. 

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