Sense Chain: a New Digital Sense-To-Sense World Where Time Is the Main Asset

Sense Chain: a New Digital Sense-To-Sense World Where Time Is the Main Asset

Company Arllecta presents the launch of one of its flagship products in the development of the global digital economy. Sence Chain is a global digital business and entertainment network, where every person on our planet can earn money using one of its main life resources – time. 

The core of the network includes the implementation of the following business tools:

  • two user profiles – one for legal entities (companies), the other for individuals.
  • the main business sense contract for the provision of SAAS, which is concluded with each user who registers on the network.
  • a system of pre-filled and signed template sense contacts to record every action on the network.
  • an algorithm for tracking and recording all transactions on the network in the history option of the user’s software application.
  • open to all network users, including unregistered ones, a sense search algorithm based on sense contracts, user name, electronic wallet number or transaction number.
  • implementation of a high-speed payment system Arllecta Pay for depositing/withdrawing funds globally.
  • implementation of a number of local payment methods for local businesses.
  • a simple and friendly user interface for tracking the execution of a business sense contract 24/7.

“Any action of the network is recorded by a created sense contract, starting from the direct transfer of digital currency from one network participant to another, and ending with the execution of a multi-phase production contract for the construction of an industrial facility.”

Their near future ambitious plans include, but are not limited to, the implementation of the following functionality:

  1. integration with several global marketplaces.
  2. integration with several local marketplaces.
  3. creation of a working analytical business space for each network user.
  4. integration into the business network of the company’s entire line of products in the field of AI.
  5. integration of financial and tax reporting systems for network participants.
  6. integration of the network with entertainment gaming portals.
  7. integration of own AI sense-to-sense application for early pre-tumor diagnosis of all types of cancer.
  8. integration of an AI sense-to-sense application for early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.
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The team offers a new digital world where every person on the planet can find a job, hobby or friends to their liking without leaving their home country.

Their digital world offers users to launch any business from anywhere in the world in a minute. Two simple steps – fill out the profile and create a sense contract – will allow user to quickly find professionals and like-minded people around the world in minutes.

In the digital world Sense Chain, the best economic models of the most developed countries at the current time in the world have been implemented and they are focused only on the well-being and comfort of their users.

They are creating a digital home for each of their users where they can not only work but also shop in the most interesting global or local marketplaces and enjoy spending time on various online entertainment.

“Every hour spent in the life of every network participant has value.”

Founder of Arllecta, Egger Mielberg.

Sense Chain social networks: Telegram | Discord | X | Website

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