Renewable Energy Project Solareum Inc. Takes Major Step Forward

Solareum Inc. celebrates a significant milestone with the establishment of its latest major partnership, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable innovation.

By seamlessly integrating blockchain technology with renewable energy, our unique business model ensures transparency and accountability. 

Elixir and Solareum – Partnership Announcement

Solareum’s proudly announce a strategic partnership with ELIXR Labs Limited, a venture builder specializing in ESG investment and next-gen technologies, promising a groundbreaking journey towards an interactive blockchain based on renewable energy generation.

Incorporation, Patent, Trademark and Copyright

Solareum’s delighted to share an update on their ongoing advancements in intellectual property. Solareum’s dedicated team has been in close collaboration with our expert IP lawyer, specializing in blockchain and technology patents. Excitingly, we stand on the brink of finalizing our main patent for our exclusive technology.

In parallel to these patent endeavors, their commitment extends to securing trademarks, and they are currently engaged with three experienced IP lawyers to achieve this for Solareum Inc. While they wish to provide intricate details of Solareum filings and the geographic regions involved, their priority lies in ensuring the success of these efforts.

Pioneering Sustainable Innovation 

Solareum’s initiatives include FPGA hardware and software licenses, Corporate/Consumer SaaS, and blockchain transaction fees, showcasing their commitment to to merge sustainability and technological innovation for a more sustainable and secure future.

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Solareum Layer 1 – Tokenomics Overview

The journey towards Solareum Layer 1 is underway, with the ERC-20 version continuing until the Total Supply is fully in circulation. Solareum L1 will offer a bridge-claimable option for public SRM holders, featuring proof-of-hold and proof-of-generation fees/block rewards, underlining our dedication to a sustainable and transparent blockchain ecosystem.

Community, Marketing, and Social Media

From organic growth to ambassador programs and expanding social media reach, our journey is a testament to our dedication. Initiatives like the London & Amsterdam Takeovers, digital billboard campaigns, and partnerships with influential figures showcase our commitment to reaching new horizons.

Solareum Partnership Program

Solareum is extending an invitation to partners interested in blockchain technology or passionate about renewable energy to join Solareum Inc. and the Solareum Foundation through a Partner Program, aiming to create a brighter future through collaboration. 

Solareum Merchandise Store

Prepare for an extraordinary Solareum Merchandise Store featuring an eco-friendly, stylish, and sustainable collection, allowing you to wear your commitment to renewable energy with pride.

Roadmap Summary

Solareum is updated roadmap reflects progress and direction, emphasizing transparency and adaptability. Stay tuned for an interactive roadmap on Solareum’s redesigned website.

About Solareum Inc.

Solareum Inc. pioneers sustainable innovation by integrating blockchain technology with renewable energy. Committed to transparency and accountability, Solareum Inc. strives to lead the way in the renewable energy industry. 

Visit Solareum: website

Follow Solareum on social media: Telegram | Twitter

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