OP3N Launches the First Ever Web3 Content Creator House in Portugal

OP3N Launches the First Ever Web3 Content Creator House in Portugal

Today, OP3N, a Web3 content powerhouse, announced the launch of the first-ever Web3 Content Creator House in collaboration with Avalanche and AvaxDAO. Set to launch from May 28 to June 2 during NFC Lisbon, this initiative is a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 content creation.

Located on the outskirts of Lisbon, the OP3N House Lisbon powered by Avalanche will become a buzzing hub for leading Web3 content creators and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Hosting ten top influencers with a combined following of over 580,000, along with many more visiting, the venue will foster intensive collaboration, pushing the boundaries of digital content. As part of this venture, OP3N will also host The OP3Ning Party at the villa, offering exclusive networking opportunities and showcasing the viral content capabilities of the assembled creators.

Chimba, Ambassador Program Lead and bubits, Community Manager at Ava Labs, shared their excitement about community and content hubs: ‘We’ve been on the lookout for a while now for an activation that really connects with different KOLs and communities on a more personal level. The content creator house is just spot-on—it perfectly captures the essence of being part of our ecosystem and feels like the ideal way to show what we’re all about.’

Marco Lucchesini, co-founder of OP3N, emphasized the need for revolutionizing Web3 content:

‘Web3 content has yet to reach its full potential, and it’s high time for a change. We’re here to elevate this space by creating content that truly resonates—content that’s not just engaging but also reflects our deep passion for Web3. At OP3N, we understand that Web3 is fundamentally about capturing and maintaining attention. OP3N Club creators are experts not just at grabbing attention but holding it, transforming fleeting interest into lasting engagement.’

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The OP3N Club, launched alongside the physical house, is a select community of creators committed to elevating Web3 content standards. This growing community is rapidly expanding its reach, now counting 50+ creators with over 1.5M followers combined.

Salvatore Treccarichi, co-founder of OP3N, expressed the essence of the community:

‘At OP3N, we are a collective where everyone is committed to supporting each other and growing together. This collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. It ensures that every member not only contributes their unique strengths but also benefits from the collective expertise and creativity of the entire group. By pooling our talents and resources, we amplify our impact and accelerate the advancement of the entire Web3 ecosystem, making OP3N a true powerhouse of cooperative innovation and success.’

The OP3N House will not be static; it plans to travel globally, aligning with major Web3 events to tap into new communities and cultural insights. This mobile strategy will enable OP3N to capture unique local flavors and integrate them into globally appealing content.

The launch is anticipated to significantly boost the visibility of participating partners and creators, showcasing their talents on a wider platform and attracting substantial attention within the Web3 space. Furthermore, it aims to set new industry standards in the Web3 content domain, introducing innovative practices and raising the bar for quality and engagement. This strategic initiative will not only highlight the capabilities of the creators involved but also pave the way for future advancements in digital content creation.

We are excited to launch this initiative alongside Avalanche and AvaxDAO.

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About OP3N

OP3N is an innovative web3 content powerhouse. OP3N empowers a diverse community of content creators and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) by providing tools, resources, and collaborative opportunities designed to enhance the creation, distribution, and monetization of content. With a focus on quality and engagement, OP3N aims to challenge the status quo and set new standards for content excellence in Web3, ensuring creators not only gain the attention they deserve but maintain it to build lasting impact. 

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