Mollars Token Presale Now Ending May 31st — Crypto Exchange Confirms Launch

Mollars Token Presale Now Ending May 31st — Crypto Exchange Confirms Launch

The Mollars token presale was originally slated to end on the 1st week of May; with various reports suggesting different dates. The official team has now confirmed, the original date will be moved back to May 31st.

There are two reasons for the pushback. First,  by popular demand from top investors and investors in general, the hard cap goal of $2-million should be met or at least 80% there. This will allow the maximal results from the whitepaper plans which include long-term marketing after launch and  a full $1MM liquidity pool.

Second, a majority vote between creator and developers of the Mollars token also deem the extension appropriate due to the loss of over 45 days, during the ICO marketing period, from the rogue domain registry company attempting to steal the domain.    

At the peak of the early 2024 term of this token presale, the domain was temporarily ‘held hostage’ by decentralized registry company NJAL.LA. The attempt was stopped within 2 weeks but prior promotions and domain ranking was lost for nearly 45 days causing pre-sales to halt.

At the time of the domain heist, traders were buying over 90,000 Mollars tokens per day.

The extension deadline of May 31st  is final.  

Afterwards, Mollars token will be launched on a top decentralized crypto exchange.

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Currently the Mollars token is being sold at a price for $0.55 (cents) via the official website. It’s in the 5th of 6 pre-sale rounds.  In the final round investors will have to pay $0.60 per token.

If Mollars ICO hard cap is fulfilled at $2-million-dollars, the new store-of-value asset for Ethereum Blockchain & beyond, it will first list on exchange(s) at a price of $0.62.  Also, the liquidity pool for the exchange(s) will be a maximal $1-million-dollars.


Crypto exchange Bitmart announced via twitter it will be listing the $MOLLARS token. Mollars will launch on multiple crypto exchanges and is now confirmed via an official third party, the exchange.

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