Layer 1 Blockchain OverProtocol Launches Airdrop Event on OKX Cryptopedia

Layer 1 Blockchain OverProtocol Launches Airdrop Event on OKX Cryptopedia

OverProtocol, a Layer 1 blockchain network, announced the launch of an airdrop event in partnership with OKX, a leading Web3 technology company. 

OverProtocol is a new Layer 1 blockchain network scheduled for a Q2 mainnet launch. Its main feature is lightweight nodes that empower personal computers, enabling anyone to run a node on their PC and become a validator.

The airdrop event, which began on April 17, will continue in the OKX Wallet until OverProtocol’s mainnet launch. Users can engage with OverProtocol-related missions via Cryptopedia, a learn-to-earn platform within the OKX Wallet app. 

The non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet app, OKX Wallet, enables participants to engage in OverProtocol-related missions on Cryptopedia, an educational platform within the app. The first mission requires daily attendance checks linked to ‘OverProtocol Open Beta Testnet Season 2.’ Eligible users can confirm their attendance daily on Cryptopedia’s OverProtocol event page and earn test tokens to participate in the testnet, which launched on March 13, 2024.

Eligible participants of this OverProtocol airdrop event can also engage in palm staking using OverWallet and home staking using OverNode, and will have the opportunity to receive OVER airdrops based on their contributions. OVER is the token that powers the OverProtocol ecosystem. 

Ben Kim, CEO of OverProtocol Contributor Superblock, stated: “Since launching OverProtocol Testnet, we have received immense interest with over 700,000 participants in palm staking and more than 30,000 in home staking within a month. As we approach the mainnet launch, we expect an increasing number of global users to engage in the OverProtocol ecosystem through active collaboration with key industry partners.”

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Over 300,000 users participated in the first week of the cryptopedia season 16. Additional missions will be announced as OverProtocol’s mainnet launch approaches. More details about the event are available on OverProtocol’s official X account and the OKX Cryptopedia website.

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