LandX Closes Private Round Securing $5M+ In Private Funding

After two years in development LandX, the agricultural finance protocol, successfully closed its private investment round, surpassing expectations.

The round raised over $915,000 USD from private investors which brings the total raised to over $5 million USD. The milestone marks a significant vote of confidence in the potential for LandX to bring real-world assets on-chain.

Public Round Starts

Following this, the project will go live this week with its public round, presenting a broader audience with the opportunity to secure an allocation of the LNDX governance token. The public sale is being launched on a first come, first served basis with a limited supply of 3,000,000 tokens priced at $0.50 USDC.

The LandX community will be given priority access from December 4, then any remaining tokens will be opened up to the general public from December 10.

Public Sale:

  • Starts Monday, December 4
  • Omega Sale: Monday, December 4
  • Alpha Sale: Thursday, December 7
  • Public Sale: Sunday, December 10
  • Public Sale Closing: Wednesday, December 13

LNDX Listing on multiple exchanges:

Thursday, December 14

Platform Official Launch:

On Friday, 15th December, users will be able to experience the full potential of LandX’s innovative agricultural finance platform

A New Chapter Begins

The public round enables anyone with an Ethereum wallet to allocate capital and invest in LNDX tokens. This move is aligned with LandX’s vision of democratizing access to agricultural financial products through blockchain technology.

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LandX is the first project to bring agricultural commodity assets and tokenized farmland into the decentralized finance ecosystem. Through an innovative product known as xTokens LandX will create inflation-hedged, uncorrelated digital assets which can be traded 24/7 on decentralized exchanges.

The LNDX token is at the heart of the LandX platform, designed to foster a sustainable and efficient agricultural finance ecosystem. When staked, the token holder can earn a share of the platform fees and participate in governance decisions.

There is a limited distribution of the LNDX after launch, with private sale investors locking their tokens for 3-12 months and seed investors voluntarily locking their tokens for 48 months. This, in combination with the $500,000 guaranteed capital deployment in the decentralized exchange liquidity pools, provides a unique opportunity in the fastest-growing sector in decentralized finance.

How to Participate

Investors outside the US and other restricted regions who are interested in the public round can connect with the LandX team on Discord, Telegram or visit the LandX website for more information on how to participate.

“We would like to thank our amazing community for giving us the opportunity to bring this vision to life. It is with your support, trust and feedback that we will shape the future of agricultural finance” – LandX Spokesperson

Users can find more information about LandX, the LNDX token, and the public round at LandX website

About LandX

Bridging the agriculture financing gap, LandX provides upfront capital to farmers in return for a percentage of their future harvests. The financing is secured by the underlying farmland, offering investors a potential opportunity to earn sustainable yield backed by tangible assets.

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