Green Energy Meets Digital Innovation: Explore SunContract’s Solar NFTs

Green Energy Meets Digital Innovation: Explore SunContract’s Solar NFTs

SunContract, a Slovenian high-tech company specializing in blockchain technology and energy, has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation: the world’s first NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels. 

This is one of the first connections of an NFT token with real-world assets using blockchain technology, and it is the first of its kind in the energy sector worldwide. 

With this innovation, SunContract made a giant leap to democratization, decentralization, and digitalization of renewable energy, making it accessible to anyone around the world with just a few clicks.

Interest in their innovative service, offering NFT tokens representing real-world solar panels, exceeded all expectations, leading to the complete sell-out of the first batch of 500 NFTs on day one. The trend is also extremely positive.

This solution allows everyone to have their Personal Power Plant with just a few clicks. The initiative begins with a well-established solar farm in Višnje, near Ajdovščina, Slovenia. Each NFT represents a specific panel at the farm, with the holder enjoying the benefits of the physical asset for up to 10 years. 

The initiative is aimed at people committed to the green transition and eager to invest in the future of renewables to get exposure to the real economy through the renewable energy sector. SunContract’s business model consists of the “uberisation” of the renewable energy sector, emphasizing decentralization, digitalization, and democratization. 

The goal is to make as many people, communities, and companies as possible self-sufficient. 

The NFT Marketplace is intended for: 

  • Those who lack the technical means to invest in their renewable energy source because they live in an apartment or multi-dwelling house and, therefore, do not have a roof to install their solar power plant. 
  • Those for whom investments in renewable energy sources have been financially prohibitive until now. 
  • Those who desire their own Personal Power Plant – our solution with NFT tokens allows NFT owners to have their power plant anywhere and anytime. 
  • Those who do not want to deal with issues related to the operation of a solar power plant, thus, will not have worries about maintenance, insurance, and monitoring, as they will lease these as part of the service.
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In the first phase the energy generated from the underlying solar panel will be sold on behalf of users via SunContract’s P2P energy marketplace earning them SNC tokens that will be deposited into their wallets.

The second phase expands functionality, with plans to roll it out to allow NFT holders to utilize the energy in countries where SunContract holds energy permits or licenses. This will initially include Slovenia, Croatia, and Estonia, with more countries expected to follow. Also, new farms are planned to be tokenized in months to come. 

This approach aims to democratize renewable energy, making it accessible to everyone. 

Introducing the Sungenesis Collection

The first collection of NFTs sold under the name SunGenesis marks a significant step in SunContract’s journey and represents an innovative fusion of art, renewable energy, and blockchain community.  

SunContract has enlisted the renowned artist Simon Sand to create the SunGenesis collection, bringing to life the heroes of their narrative. Each NFT features a unique portrayal of these characters. These heroes will feature in a comic book, with the story evolving through the contributions of NFT owners.

These unique characters symbolize various aspects of sustainability, clean energy, and the human spirit’s resilience and innovation. By integrating these elements into their clean energy efforts, they’re not just promoting renewable resources but weaving a narrative that resonates with a global audience, emphasizing the importance of every individual’s role in the green transition.

With the SunGenesis Collection, they aim to engage with their community on a deeper level, providing a new perspective on the significance of renewable energy. Through these characters, they invite everyone to be part of a story that champions environmental stewardship, innovation, and the shared vision of a cleaner, greener world. The collection serves as a bridge, connecting the abstract concept of NFTs with tangible, real-world impacts, thus enriching our commitment to democratizing renewable energy access.

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By bringing art into their clean energy initiatives, they aspire to create a more inclusive and culturally rich dialogue around sustainability. The SunGenesis Collection is a testament to the belief that the path to a sustainable future is not only paved with technology but also with the stories that inspire us to act. Discover the SunGenesis heroes and join them in this groundbreaking fusion of art, technology, and sustainability only at SunContract.

Discover the future of renewable energy with SunContract! Visit their website and explore the unique marketplace of NFTs connected to real-world solar panels. Join the green transition and become a part of a sustainable future today.

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