Experimental WEB3 Event Series, ICPCC, Set to Decentralize Into a Dao Following Global Livestream on May 10th

Experimental WEB3 Event Series, ICPCC, Set to Decentralize Into a Dao Following Global Livestream on May 10th

ICP Community Conference (ICPCC), the leading multichain event brand centered around the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) L1 blockchain ecosystem, is poised to make history on May 10th by decentralizing into a DAO immediately following its global livestream event.

The event, aimed at the broader Web3 community, will introduce attendees to the innovative potential of ICP and demonstrate how it can enhance dapps on various blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana.

In 2023, the first ICPCC event was a two-day conference at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Miami. The 2024 event will feature a global livestream with meetup watch parties in over 25 major cities worldwide. Whether joining digitally or in person at meetup watch parties, attendees can expect non-stop opportunities to win airdrops of various tokens from over a dozen ICP projects throughout the event.

The overarching goal of ICPCC 2024 is to educate and inspire the Web3 industry about the fundamentals of ICP while showcasing its compatibility with existing blockchain ecosystems. 

The event structure is designed to cater to a global audience across different time zones. Kicking off with a standalone pre-party livestream hosted by the Yuku metaverse for the APAC region, the main 9-hour ICPCC livestream will start on May 10th at 17:00 UTC and feature informative sessions on ICP basics. This will be followed by a series of engaging presentations from Web3 content creators, live MCs, and industry innovators.

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ICPCC was initially hosted by Code & State, a Web3 venture studio focused on making it easier to build and earn on ICP. However, this next event will be immediately followed by the launch of the ICPCC DAO, signaling a new era of decentralized governance for the conference series.

The ICPCC DAO introduces a unique model for DAO leadership, characterized by a council tasked with shaping proposals without assuming decision-making authority. This innovative approach ensures complete decentralization and effectiveness, empowering the DAO community to drive the direction of the conference series exclusively through on-chain proposals with no agents or intermediaries.

Key Features of the ICPCC DAO Include:

  • Decentralized Leadership: The DAO council members are responsible for proposing initiatives but do not wield decision-making power, fostering a genuinely decentralized governance model.
  • On-Chain Governance: Leveraging the capabilities of SNS DAOs, the ICPCC DAO operates entirely on-chain, eliminating the need for custodians or multi-sigs for treasury management.
  • Legal Framework: As a Marshall Islands DAO LLC, the ICPCC DAO possesses legal personhood, enabling it to own intellectual property and enter into contracts autonomously through on-chain proposals.
  • Inclusive Participation: Thanks to ICP’s unique capability to provide gasless on-chain governance frontends, DAO members will be able to easily vote on proposals, facilitating active engagement and decision-making.

Isaac Valadez, Venture Lead at Code & State, expressed his excitement about the event: “This won’t be our DAO; the ICP community really is taking over total control. ICPCC is a major Web3 event series converting into a protocol that needs no custodians or centralized dependencies; it’s an experiment that could outlast all of us.”

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ICPCC DAO LLC represents a pioneering initiative at the forefront of Web3 governance innovation, providing a platform for ecosystem collaboration, education, and community empowerment. With its commitment to decentralization and inclusivity, ICPCC is poised to reshape the landscape of blockchain events and inspire the next generation of Web3 enthusiasts.

Those interested in getting involved in this free event are invited to register for the livestream online, consider joining one of the 25+ meetups worldwide, and participate in the token drops live.

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