Coincall’s Trade to Earn Event: Get a 100% Net Fee Rebate

Coincall’s Trade to Earn Event: Get a 100% Net Fee Rebate

Coincall, a leading crypto derivatives exchange, is excited to announce the launch of a zero-fee trading event.

For the next two weeks, all trading fees will be fully refunded to users in the form of the platform token, CALL. This event is designed to drive user engagement and increase the value of CALL.

Trade To Earn 2.0: Enjoy a 100% Net Fee Rebate for Options and Futures Trading

During this event, 100% of the net fees generated from trading all options and futures pairs will be used to buy back CALL tokens from the market and these tokens will then be distributed to users, effectively refunding their trading fees and enhancing their overall trading experience.

Event details: here

Benefits for Users and the Community

  • Enhanced User Rewards: Users will receive CALL tokens equivalent to their trading fees, creating a direct incentive to trade more on the platform.
  • Attracting New Users: The 100% net fee rebate structure and the potential for token appreciation are expected to attract new users, further boosting liquidity and trading volume on Coincall.

Long-Term Vision

This event is part of Coincall’s broader strategy to enhance user engagement and build a robust, value-driven ecosystem. By aligning Coincall’s interests with those of their users, they aim to create a mutually beneficial environment where traders are rewarded for their activity, and the platform grows sustainably.

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Join the Event

Coincall invites all traders to participate in this unique opportunity. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, this event offers significant benefits and the chance to be part of a growing community.As the world’s leading global derivative exchange platform, Coincall offers over 10 exclusive altcoin options such as SOL, KAS, LINK, FIL, etc.

With ample liquidity among major cryptocurrencies, users can enjoy a user-friendly trading experience with USDT-denominated pricing. Renowned as the largest altcoin options exchange, Coincall also ensures users’ asset security with 100% third-party custody. Additionally, the platform provides ‘pro’ and ‘lite’ versions for both new and elite traders, catering to all levels of expertise.

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