Coincall Launches CALL Token, Revolutionizing the Virtual Currency Derivatives Platform

Coincall Launches CALL Token, Revolutionizing the Virtual Currency Derivatives Platform

Coincall, a leading cryptocurrency derivativies exchange, proudly announces the launch of its native token, CALL.

CALL is based on the Solana standard protocol, which can be traded freely like other cryptocurrencies and supports derivative settlement services on the Coincall platform starting April 29th, 2024. Designed to enhance user experience and revolutionize the virtual currency derivatives trading landscape, CALL represents a significant milestone for the Coincall ecosystem.

CALL token serves as the backbone of Coincall’s ecosystem, offering a wide range of utilities and benefits to its holders. As a governance token, CALL empowers users to participate in platform decision-making processes, including voting on proposals and shaping the platform’s future direction. One of the key features of CALL is its utility in the Coincall ecosystem. Holders of CALL tokens enjoy various privileges, including reduced trading fees, access to exclusive features, and participation in reward programs.

With CALL, Coincall aims to empower their users and strengthen their connection to the platform. By offering a wide range of benefits and incentives, they are confident that CALL will drive greater engagement and participation within the community.

To celebrate the launch of CALL token, Coincall will be hosting various promotional events and giveaways, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards and experience the benefits of CALL firsthand.

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Limited Time Offer: here

CALL Community Airdrop Plan: here

Coincall DEX – Unlimited Cross-Chain Trading Potential

Coincall’s vision extends beyond a DEX confined to a single blockchain. To offer a broader trading market for global users, they plan to launch a cross-chain DEX on the Solana and Ethereum Layer 2 networks. Coincall DEX, a high-performance decentralized derivatives trading platform within the Coincall ecosystem, focuses on options and perpetual contracts, aiming to address liquidity and trust issues in cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

In the current market environment, Automated Market Makers (AMMs) use algorithms and machine learning to provide continuous quoting and trading services, alleviating liquidity shortages. However, existing AMMs still have limitations, including dependence on liquidity sources, susceptibility to market price fluctuations, and inadequate adaptability to market trading rules.

By efficiently connecting trading users and multiple platforms, Coincall DEX will aggregate decentralized orders to meet user demands and provide security, creating a more transparent and efficient trading environment. This injection of vitality and opportunities will revitalize the cryptocurrency derivatives market, providing users with richer and deeper liquidity, while enhancing trading speed and efficiency. Furthermore, Coincall DEX will employ advanced smart contract technology and security measures to ensure the safety of user assets and fair trading.

Coincall DEX is expected to launch within 2024.

More details here.

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