AI-powered discovery network for NFTs launches PULSR token

AI-powered discovery network for NFTs launches PULSR token

Pulsr, an AI-powered search engine for NFTs, is launching a new token.

The genesis of PULSR is taking place on Thursday, April 25 at 11.30am EST — and will fuel the project’s ambition to make on-chain assets across the Web3 ecosystem more visible.

Established in 2021, Pulsr says there are huge discovery gaps as platforms struggle to index collectibles across blockchains and mediums.

This ultimately means creators need the time and skill to build communities on separate social networks, newly minted pieces are penalized by algorithms, and audiences struggle to find content they’ll love.

Backed by the likes of Spartan Ventures and Sequoia, Pulsr utilizes artificial intelligence by enhancing the metadata of past and present non-fungible tokens. This allows visual and audio content to be accurately analyzed, labeled and conceptualized into text — unlocking a new era of search engine optimization.

Whereas searches for affordable pixel art, NFTs of penguins or on-chain art inspired by techno would have once yielded little to no results, Pulsr scours the whole of Web3 so users can find exciting collections based on their preferences, rather than relying on word of mouth.

Enthusiasts with art already in their wallet can uncover similar creations, connect with like-minded collectors, and bookmark the NFTs that inspire them.

Another service offered by Pulsr is NAME — otherwise known as NFT Automated Metadata Enhancement. Here, creators about to mint their collection can opt into having detailed metadata labels generated using AI-enabled computer vision. Now, key attributes about the artwork will become searchable in marketplaces — covering everything from materials to style, and from colors to shapes.

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Pulsr founder Maxine Ryan said: “Pulsr delivers automated and compounded indexing for non-financial assets on the blockchain for the very first time. Our technology is a crucial step toward increasing the adoption of NFTs. The world of digital art is now multi-chain and multi-medium — and we’ll be supporting talented content creators every step of the way.”

PULSR: A token with utility 

This is where PULSR comes into play. A portion of tokens have already been allocated to the community — and can be earned by anyone using the NFT search engine, or other services in the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, fees are paid whenever platforms or individuals use Pulsr to boost the visibility or searchability of NFTs — with marketplaces paying a commission if sales are generated from traffic directed from the Pulsr platform. This income is then used to buy back PULSR and distribute it back to stakers. 

Minting partners also need to hold this token in order to access NAME for a period of time — and they’re gradually burned as the contract comes to an end.

Holding PULSR brings a plethora of exclusive perks — including access to online and IRL events celebrating art, technology and Web3, along with carefully curated merch. It also unlocks the ability to suggest desired features, and vote on proposals. Meanwhile, larger token holders can offer their feedback and insights to Pulsr’s team as they continue to roll out the roadmap.

The foundation features of Pulsr are open to all — but PULSR holders benefit from premium discovery features that deliver a better experience and more powerful functionality.

Growing interest

Since news of Pulsr’s launch and token event, keen interest from Solana-based communities such as MagicEden, Madlads and more, have rallied in partnerships to crack Web3-wide NFT discovery and bring an even broader range of collections to their audience.

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Maxine Ryan from Pulsr added: “Our ecosystem creates a win-win-win situation. Not only do collectors find it easier to uncover pieces of digital art they’ll love and cherish forever, but talented creators can amplify the reach of their pieces like never before. Pulsr’s aggregator can also drive sales for NFT marketplaces — giving them an irresistible opportunity to reach new customers. A digital renaissance has arrived, and our search engine is designed to create a lasting record of imaginative and thought-provoking works — a library that will grow for years to come.” 

About Pulsr

Pulsr is an AI-powered discovery network for NFTs that spans multiple blockchains and touches every corner of the Web3 ecosystem. Its powerful search engine allows users to find on-chain art they’ll love — whether it’s an artwork, video or song. Meanwhile, a cutting-edge system enables creators to generate detailed metadata about their collections, increasing visibility in a world of information overload.

For more information, visit website or follow Pulsr on X and Discord.

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