OKX announces listing of RUNECOIN as a Spot Trading Coin

OKX announces listing of RUNECOIN as a Spot Trading Coin

OKX's calendar states that deposits for RUNECOIN open at 3 am UTC, April 30, 2024. The spot trading of the RUNECOIN/USDT will begin at 10:00 am UTC the same day. Users will be able withdraw their RUNECOIN from May 1, 2024, starting at 10:00 am UTC.

RSIC*GENESIS*RUNE is based on the Runes Protocol, and it represents the first Pre Run airdrop to early adopters. This unique asset offers individuals the opportunity to interact with Bitcoin, and helps to develop a decentralized future.

RUNECOIN's total supply is 21,000,000,000. This allows users to explore digital assets, while also being aware of their risks. OKX stresses that digital assets can be highly volatile and speculative. Investors are encouraged to do their own research, and assess their risk appetite, before trading.

OKX reminds its users that information provided by OKX is only for educational and informational purposes and does not constitute any financial advice. The exchange cannot guarantee that the information is accurate or complete. Users should be aware of potential risks when trading digital assets.

Users can contact OKX through the support center, or their preferred communication platform.

OKX is committed to offering a wide range of cryptocurrency for its users.

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