Mastering Aspects Ratios In Midjourney: A Complete Guide To Enhancing Image Composition And Aesthetics.

Mastering Aspects Ratios In Midjourney: A Complete Guide To Enhancing Image Composition And Aesthetics.

Aspect Ratio Introduction in Midjourney

The aspect ratio parameter is used by Midjourney to control the width/height ratio in the generated images. The aspect ratio defines an image's shape and composition, which directly influences how it is perceived.

Understanding Aspect Ratios

Midjourney's aspect ratio is expressed in a ratio. Typically, the width number comes first. For example, 4:3 or 16.9. This ratio determines if an image is square (1 to 1), wider (16:9) or taller (3:2) and impacts the overall composition of the generated image.

Set Aspect Ratios Midjourney

Users can set the aspect ratio by adding the --aspect or --ar parameters to their prompt. This flexibility allows users to customize image dimensions for different applications, such as social media, digital displays, and print.

Maximum Aspect Ratios

Midjourney can support different maximum aspect ratios, depending on the version of the model. Version 5 for example, supports any aspect, while version 4c only supports 1:2 to 2:1. Aspect ratios higher than 2:1 may produce unpredictable results.

Aspect Ratios

In Midjourney you will find that different aspect ratios can be used for various types of images.

  1. 1: Ideal for symmetrical pictures like square prints or profile photos.

  2. 2:3 and 3:2: Common in film and photography, and suitable for landscapes and portraits.

  3. 4 :3: Use for older TVs or computer monitors.

  4. 7 :4: Ideal for digital devices, close to HD TVs and smartphones.

  5. 16:9: Widescreen displays, immersive feel for large screens.

  6. 916: Vertical version of 16:9; often used in portraits.

Changing Aspect Ratios Post-Generation

The Zoom Out option allows users to change the aspect ratio and add more content to the image.

Importance Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratios are important because they determine how images will fit on different screens and devices, and also affect the composition of an image and how it is perceived by viewers. A full-body photograph requires a higher aspect ratio while landscapes can benefit from a wider one.


Midjourney's aspect ratios are crucial to generating images which meet aesthetic and functional needs. The ability to manipulate aspect proportions is crucial for creating visual content for digital displays, social media platforms, and print media.

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