Cyber L2 & SPACE ID Partnership Unveiled, Cyber Ecosystem Airdrop Announced

Cyber L2 & SPACE ID Partnership Unveiled, Cyber Ecosystem Airdrop Announced

CyberConnect and Space ID partner to improve interoperability. They also support Cyber L2 scaling, provide token holders with an ecosystem airdrop, and enable faster on-chain transaction.

CyberConnect, an online social network, announced its latest partnership, with Space ID. Space ID is a network that provides universal name services. The collaboration was built around a shared vision to establish a universal identity infrastructure (DID). This infrastructure will allow seamless interoperability with the larger SPACE ID Web3 name Ecosystem.

Migration to SPACEID 3.0 Stack

Decentralized digital identities (DIDs) play a key role in decentralized networks. CyberConnect and Space ID acknowledge the importance of building an universal DID infrastructure. CyberID will migrate to the SPACE ID 3.0 Stack in order to enhance interoperability within the broader SPACE ID Web3 name Ecosystem. This migration will create a full stack infrastructure for domain management, registration, and resolution.

CyberID NFTs that have been minted in the Optimism Network will be tracked to ensure that each CyberID holder gets their new CyberIDs via an airdrop onto Cyber L2. As the Cyber L2 launch nears, we will provide more details on this exciting development. The SPACE ID Web3 name SDK will include the migrated CyberID, allowing multi-chain resolution throughout the ecosystem.

Supporting Cyber L2’s Scalable Future With SPACE ID

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Cyber L2, an Ethereum Layer 2-based solution, promises to make on-chain transactions faster and cheaper. SPACE ID, in line with this promise, will support CyberL2 to facilitate its future scalability. This integration will streamline and simplify the processes of minting and trading CyberID, other domain NFTs powered Cyber L2 and managing them on the SPACE ID Platform.

The partnership will also enable the creation social applications on the existing platform by leveraging CyberID and CyberGraph. CyberID allows users to create a unique, self-sovereign, on-chain identity, which enhances their web3 experience.

Ecosystem airdrop for CyberL2 Supporters

SPACE ID is celebrating this important partnership by preparing an ecosystem airdrop to early supporters of Cyber. Airdropped $ID Tokens will be given to eligible CyberID holders that are also $CYBER stakeholders. In the near future, more details will be revealed about this ecosystem airdrop. Keep an eye out for more information on how you can participate in this exciting event!

CyberConnect and SpaceID

CyberConnect is the first Ethereum Layer 2 platform that has been re-stamped for social interaction and mass adoption. CyberConnect acts as a social layer for web3 apps and gives users access to web3 tools, experiences and financial liquidity in all Layer 2 ecosystems. Visit the Cyber website, Twitter or Blog for more information.

Space ID is an universal name service that provides a comprehensive identity network for discovering, registering and trading Web3 domains. The partnership with CyberConnect is designed to improve interoperability, and support the growth for Cyber L2. Visit Space ID's website, blog, Twitter or Discord channels to learn more.

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