Can XRP price cross $10,000?

An influential figure within the XRP Community has revealed the secret to how the XRP Price can reach $10,000. According to him, XRP's global utility will help users achieve this massive milestone. This is similar to the view of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

The XRP price will hit $10,000

Edward Farina, in a recent post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), suggested that XRP could reach such highs if RippleNet replaces the SWIFT system. He pointed out that financial institutions such as SWIFT are responsible for moving "hundreds and trillions" of dollars around the world. As a result, he thinks XRP could reach "unprecedented heights" if they can capture a small portion of the market.

RippleNet is a technology that has the potential to disrupt the financial industry. RippleNet uses blockchain technology to allow financial institutions instantaneous processing of cross-border transactions. The utility token XRP is used to process these transactions, helping bridge the gap between sending and receiving currencies.

Farina has also emphasized that XRP is in a league of its own. He explained how XRP settles values in real-time with certainty. He compared this to Bitcoin, Ethereum and SWIFT which, he said, lack these capabilities.

So Many Hopes on XRP

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, had previously spoken about XRP becoming the next Bitcoin. He shares the same sentiment as Farina when he said that his company could use the XRP to solve a major financial problem.

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The belief that XRP could reach a high price is based on the fact so much liquidity can flow into the XRP eco-system as more and more institutions adopt RippleNet. These institutions process many high-value low-value transactions every day. XRP may be a big beneficiary of Ripple's growth.

Farina made reference to Garlinghouse's interview with Bloomberg in his post. Ripple's CEO was very positive about Ripple's future, stating that the company is making progress every day. He said that they had onboarded more than 100 banks, some of which were SWIFT enabled banks.

As Ripple makes such great progress, many are placing big bets on the XRP. Linda Jones, a pro-XRP Wall Street analyst, once said that the crypto token might be the next big thing on the financial market. She even compared XRP with Apple Stock and Microsoft Stock to suggest that XRP investors could expect high returns in the future.

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