New Crypto Listings Recently | Price 2024-04-22

New Crypto Listings Recently | Price 2024-04-22
2Vitruvian Nexus Protocol's logoVitruvian Nexus Protocol (VNPT)$0.4406 0.52% 65.49 % -- $162,449
2.45BTC--Today3SATOSHI•NAKAMOTO's logoSATOSHI•NAKAMOTO (SATOSHI)$4.03 11.68% 29.32 % -- $19,783,970
298.15BTC--Today4Sanctum's logoSanctum (SANCTUM)------------Today5 Reward Basis Ordiswap Token's logo Reward Basis Ordiswap Token (REOS)------------Today6Nyan Cat's logoNyan Cat (NCAT)$0.0417 18.27% 72.21 % -- $84,215
1.27BTC--Today7Mickey Of Meme's logoMickey Of Meme (MICKEY)$0.00000226 38.70% 219.44 % -- $6,624,172
99.83BTC--Today8MEME•ECONOMICS's logoMEME•ECONOMICS (MEMERUNE)$0.4668 3.27% 29.25 % -- $2,118,554
31.93BTC--Today9iZIP.AI's logoiZIP.AI (IZIP)------------Today10HoloNex's logoHoloNex (NEXL)------------Today11GUMMY's logoGUMMY (GUMMY)$0.1732 6.03% 23.89 % -- $31,803,399
479.29BTC--Today12Golden MagFi's logoGolden MagFi (GMFI)------------Today13Godzilla's logoGodzilla (GODZ)------------Today14FOMO Network's logoFOMO Network (FOMO)$0.0583 1.13% 2.72 % -- $632,181
9.53BTC--Today15Evercraft's logoEvercraft (ECET)$0.2561 6.46% 48.57 % -- $69,264
1.04BTC--Today16Bunny Box's logoBunny Box (BNY)$0.0967 13.37% 46.40 % -- $17,515
0.264BTC--Today17Breach Bitsat's logoBreach Bitsat (AIBIT)------------Today18Book of Pets's logoBook of Pets (BOP)$0.00008598 15.09% 64.21 % -- $61,165
0.9218BTC--Today19Sophon's logoSophon (SOPH)------------2 Days Ago20Shiba Protocol's logoShiba Protocol (SPO)------------2 Days Ago21Saakuru's logoSaakuru (SKR)------------2 Days Ago22RWA's logoRWA (RWA)------------2 Days Ago23RuniGun's logoRuniGun (RNG)------------2 Days Ago24ReformDAO's logoReformDAO (RFRM)----------30,000,000 RFRM2 Days Ago25Perpex's logoPerpex (PERPX)------------2 Days Ago26Metamovers's logoMetamovers (MOVES)------------2 Days Ago27 MC² Finance's logo MC² Finance (MC²Fi)------------2 Days Ago28Matera's logoMatera (Matera)------------2 Days Ago29Lucre Way's logoLucre Way (LCR)------------2 Days Ago30Komputai's logoKomputai (KAI)$0.8359 1.11% 21.02 % -- $697,513
10.51BTC--2 Days Ago

The Winners Circle to Launch HRSE Token Presale on Kalijo

The Winners Circle to Launch HRSE Token Presale on Kalijo
The Winners Circle has announced the presale of its upcoming HRSE fan token will take place on Kalijo, a DeFi launchpad built on the Zilliqa blockchain. The HRSE token presale will begin at 09:00 AM UTC on April 22, 2024, and will be accessible at website The Winners Circle is a community and platform for … Continued The post The Winners Circle...

CoinEx Sponsors Token 2049 Dubai as a Testament to Its Commitment to Fostering Global Crypto Adoption

CoinEx Sponsors Token 2049 Dubai as a Testament to Its Commitment to Fostering Global Crypto Adoption
CoinEx, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, is honored to announce its sponsorship as a Gold Partner of Token 2049 Dubai on April 18-19, 2024. As one of the most influential blockchain and crypto events worldwide, Token 2049 gathers industry pioneers, investors, enterprises, developers, media, and other stakeholders to spark conversations that will shape the future … Continued The post CoinEx Sponsors Token...

USA and Nigeria discuss digital economy and AI advancements for economic growth

USA and Nigeria discuss digital economy and AI advancements for economic growth

United States of America and Nigeria are exploring potential partnerships in the digital economy and emerging technologies, as well as the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The discussions are aimed at strengthening economic ties and fostering deeper collaborations between the two nations.

Arthur Brown, the Deputy Chief Mission at the U.S. embassy, announced high-level U.S. officials would be in Abuja to attend a conference organized by the U.S.-Nigeria Bi-National Commission. The conference will give both countries a chance to discuss digital economy, emerging technologies, and AI advances.

M. Brown, at the close of the four-day Workshop on National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, in Abuja, stressed the importance of working together and fostering partnerships to achieve robust, resilient and inclusive economic development. The United States will work as equal partners with Nigeria in a variety of areas including talent development and infrastructure. Mr. Brown commended Nigeria's support for the landmark United Nations AI resolution and pledged that the U.S. Government would continue to partner with Nigeria in the economic arena.

In recent years, Nigeria has demonstrated a growing interest in AI and emerging technologies. The National Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, or NCAIR, was established in November 2020. It is the first centre of its kind to be set up in Africa. This marks a significant moment for the state's commitment to AI. The NCAIR was created in accordance with Nigeria's National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy 2020- 2030 which included AI as one the eight pillars for the digital economy.

Since the NCAIR was established, AI has become a more prominent part of government policy. The NCAIR has launched programs that teach children coding, machine learning and AI. The Nigerian Government has also instructed the Nigerian Communications Commission to grant AI research grants to tertiary educational institutions in order to improve innovation and economic resilience.

Nigeria, in March 2023, drafted a National AI Policy, which was co-created with industry experts by the National Information Technology Development Agency, to strengthen its AI commitment. Nigeria has launched several initiatives, including the 3 Million Technical Talents (3MTT program) and the Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Research Scheme(NAIRS), to support AI startups and researchers and train young people.

The forthcoming discussions between the USA, Nigeria, and other countries present an opportunity for the two countries to exchange knowledge, expertise, best practices, and AI advances in the digital economy. The partnership will drive economic growth in both countries by aligning AI governance, ensuring safe and secure AI deployment and transparency, and ensuring that AI is deployed in a transparent and trusted manner.

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New Crypto Listings Recently | Where to Buy 2024-04-21

New Crypto Listings Recently | Where to Buy 2024-04-21
5RuniGun's logoRuniGun (RNG)------------1 Day Ago6ReformDAO's logoReformDAO (RFRM)----------30,000,000 RFRM1 Day Ago7Perpex's logoPerpex (PERPX)------------1 Day Ago8Metamovers's logoMetamovers (MOVES)------------1 Day Ago9 MC² Finance's logo MC² Finance (MC²Fi)------------1 Day Ago10Matera's logoMatera (Matera)------------1 Day Ago11Lucre Way's logoLucre Way (LCR)------------1 Day Ago12Komputai's logoKomputai (KAI)$1.07 2.16% 4.47 % -- $810,483
12.46BTC--1 Day Ago13Grindery's logoGrindery (GRINDERY)------------1 Day Ago14GOLD CAT's logoGOLD CAT (GOLDCAT)$0.0000005007 10.62% 14.85 % -- $431,372
6.63BTC--1 Day Ago15Defispot's logoDefispot (SPOT)------------1 Day Ago16CURL's logoCURL (CURL)------------1 Day Ago17COREx's logoCOREx (CRX)------------1 Day Ago18Coinye West's logoCoinye West (COINYE)$0.0121 9.73% 30.41 % -- $133,606
2.05BTC--1 Day Ago19Bird Dog's logoBird Dog (BIRDDOG)$0.00001047 15.97% 24.57 % -- $531,255
8.17BTC--1 Day Ago20Banksters's logoBanksters (BARS)------------1 Day Ago21Attractor's logoAttractor (ATTRA)------------1 Day Ago22Y8U's logoY8U (Y8U)------------2 Days Ago23WIFHAT's logoWIFHAT (WIFHAT)$0.0908 2.68% 53.12 % -- $81,321
1.25BTC--2 Days Ago24UPTOS's logoUPTOS (UPTOS)$0.000089 0.22% 2.65 % -- $50,797
0.7809BTC--2 Days Ago25Umoja's logoUmoja (UMJA)------------2 Days Ago26SYLVESTER's logoSYLVESTER (SYLVE)$0.00000463 1.07% 25.08 % $398,643 $99,796
1.53BTC86,100,000,000 SYLVE2 Days Ago27SolCex's logoSolCex (SOLCEX)$0.004345 2.95% 28.66 % -- $971,411
14.93BTC--2 Days Ago28Solala's logoSolala (SOLALA)$0.002571 0.16% 25.48 % -- $208,330
3.2BTC--2 Days Ago29Shinobi's logoShinobi (NINJA)$0.012 0.27% 3.21 % -- $184,701
2.84BTC--2 Days Ago30RunesBridge's logoRunesBridge (RB)$0.1908 13.29% 20.53 % -- $1,842,964
28.34BTC--2 Days Ago

New Crypto Listings Recently | Where to Buy 2024-04-20

New Crypto Listings Recently | Where to Buy 2024-04-20
11Lucre Way's logoLucre Way (LCR)------------Today12Komputai's logoKomputai (KAI)$0.9952 4.42% 24.47 % -- $1,522,820
23.88BTC--Today13Grindery's logoGrindery (GRINDERY)------------Today14GOLD CAT's logoGOLD CAT (GOLDCAT)$0.0000007235 27.62% 48.69 % -- $90,529
1.42BTC--Today15Defispot's logoDefispot (SPOT)------------Today16CURL's logoCURL (CURL)------------Today17COREx's logoCOREx (CRX)------------Today18Coinye West's logoCoinye West (COINYE)$0.0174 1.25% 0.93 % -- $183,483
2.88BTC--Today19Bird Dog's logoBird Dog (BIRDDOG)$0.0000141 2.32% 5.11 % -- $560,469
8.79BTC--Today20Banksters's logoBanksters (BARS)------------Today21Attractor's logoAttractor (ATTRA)------------Today22Y8U's logoY8U (Y8U)------------1 Day Ago23WIFHAT's logoWIFHAT (WIFHAT)$0.0665 1.69% 56.45 % -- $24,258
0.3804BTC--1 Day Ago24UPTOS's logoUPTOS (UPTOS)$0.0000849 3.54% 5.67 % -- $110,005
1.73BTC--1 Day Ago25Umoja's logoUmoja (UMJA)------------1 Day Ago26SYLVESTER's logoSYLVESTER (SYLVE)$0.00000645 4.59% 33.82 % $555,345 $240,782
3.77BTC86,100,000,000 SYLVE1 Day Ago27SolCex's logoSolCex (SOLCEX)$0.003029 0.40% 22.48 % -- $609,812
9.56BTC--1 Day Ago28Solala's logoSolala (SOLALA)$0.001962 0.10% 4.75 % -- $185,452
2.91BTC--1 Day Ago29Shinobi's logoShinobi (NINJA)$0.0118 0.57% 16.98 % -- $284,805
4.47BTC--1 Day Ago30RunesBridge's logoRunesBridge (RB)$0.1283 23.39% 49.88 % -- $2,802,141
43.94BTC--1 Day Ago Launches WML Token and AI Global Annotation Hub Launches WML Token and AI Global Annotation Hub is developing a revolutionary platform that will harness the potential of hundreds of thousands of annotators from around the globe. Through comprehensive training programs, aims to qualify annotators to produce high-quality Metadata, essential for enhancing AI models. Annotators will be compensated in WML tokens for their contributions, creating a dynamic ecosystem. This platform … Continued The post Launches WML...

Binance announces system upgrade for improved performance and stability

Binance announces system upgrade for improved performance and stability

Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it will be performing a system upgrade in order to improve its overall performance and platform stability. The upgrade will take place between 06:30 UTC and 09:30 UTC on April 23, 2024.

According to an announcement on the Binance Support site, the system update aims to improve the user's experience by addressing existing performance issues and providing a more stable trading atmosphere. Users may experience system errors when accessing Binance's website or using its Binance App during the upgrade.

During the upgrade period, new user registrations and logins as well as trading services will be affected. Binance warns its users that there may be temporary interruptions and inconveniences during this period. The exchange assures users that their funds will be secure during the upgrade.

The duration of the upgrade is only an estimate. It may change. Binance will not announce any more services once the upgrade has been completed. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, users are advised to consult the original announcement posted on the Binance Support site.

Binance is aware that the translations of the announcement may not be accurate and recommends that users refer to the English original version for the latest information.

Binance always reminds its users that the prices of digital assets are highly volatile and subject to market risks. Investments can have a fluctuating value, and the amount invested could be lost. Users should carefully consider their investments and, if necessary, seek financial advice.

Binance's upgrade of its system is an proactive step to improve the performance and stability on their platform. Users can expect some temporary disruptions, but their funds are safe. Binance prioritizes the user experience, and strives for a reliable trading environment that is efficient and reliable.

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Solvation Memecoin Presale: 25% and 7 Days to Go

Solvation Memecoin Presale: 25% and 7 Days to Go
A brand new Solana memecoin named Solvation hit the scene with a presale on April 4th drawing in early investors and enthusiasts eager to be part of something exciting. In a week from launch, the project managed to sell off 70% of its allocation, showing how much people are jumping into the memecoin trend for … Continued The post Solvation Memecoin Presale:...

New Crypto Listings Recently | Today’s Viral Level= AliceBlue 2024-04-19

New Crypto Listings Recently | Today's Viral Level= AliceBlue 2024-04-19
1Y8U's logoY8U (Y8U)------------Today2WIFHAT's logoWIFHAT (WIFHAT)$0.151 81.80% 86.97 % -- $118,880
1.83BTC--Today3UPTOS's logoUPTOS (UPTOS)------------Today4Umoja's logoUmoja (UMJA)------------Today5SYLVESTER's logoSYLVESTER (SYLVE)$0.00000622 2.64% 39.15 % $535,542 $193,335
2.98BTC86,100,000,000 SYLVEToday6SolCex's logoSolCex (SOLCEX)$0.002413 13.18% 18.11 % -- $628,290
9.69BTC--Today7Solala's logoSolala (SOLALA)$0.001955 1.31% 2.78 % -- $244,678
3.77BTC--Today8Shinobi's logoShinobi (NINJA)$0.0143 2.32% 2.85 % -- $256,164
3.95BTC--Today9RunesBridge's logoRunesBridge (RB)$0.2431 6.64% 27.61 % -- $3,493,238
53.9BTC--Today10Reveel's logoReveel (REVEEL)------------Today11RatWifHat's logoRatWifHat (RATWIF)$0.000191 4.74% 10.62 % -- $60,667
0.9356BTC--Today12NetWorth's logoNetWorth (NTWH)------------Today13Meowifhat's logoMeowifhat (MEOWIF)$0.00054 28.42% 26.55 % -- $900,434
13.89BTC--Today14MEOW COIN's logoMEOW COIN (MEOW)$0.0000003806 13.76% 9.49 % -- $24,154
0.3725BTC--Today15Lightning AI's logoLightning AI (LNGAI)------------Today16KOKODI's logoKOKODI (KOKO)------------Today17KarratCoin's logoKarratCoin (KARRAT)$0.6018 1.65% 35.17 % -- $3,211,486
49.55BTC--Today18Father Of Meme: Origin's logoFather Of Meme: Origin (FOMO)$0.0112 9.67% 13.31 % -- $15,839
0.2444BTC--Today19MerlinSwap's logoMerlinSwap (esMP)------------Today20END OF DARKNESS's logoEND OF DARKNESS (AINVDIA)------------Today21Dyordex's logoDyordex (DYOR)------------Today22Common Wealth's logoCommon Wealth (WLTH)------------Today23COHI Flana's logoCOHI Flana (COHI)------------Today24CATVAX's logoCATVAX (CATVAX)$0.0684 2.56% 4.86 % -- $890,651
13.74BTC--Today25Call of Memes's logoCall of Memes (COME)$0.000000004773 3.11% 8.65 % -- $87,356
1.35BTC--Today26BookOfPussyCats's logoBookOfPussyCats (BOCA)$0.004931 8.50% 36.14 % -- $381,957
5.89BTC--Today27Avail's logoAvail (AVAIL)------------Today28tooker kurlson's logotooker kurlson (TOOKER)$0.0658 6.46% 0.64 % -- $239,718
3.7BTC--1 Day Ago29Speedy's logoSpeedy (SPEEDY)$0.000102 0.73% 27.36 % -- $12,626,909
194.83BTC--1 Day Ago30Smilek's logoSmilek (SMILEK)$0.00001112 4.63% 12.66 % -- $308,213
4.75BTC--1 Day Ago